I am Japanese but live in England over twenty years with two sons and English husband.


When I was child I spent ages for drawing as I have suffered Asthma and often stuck in bed for days.  I easily managed to escape from reality by holding pencils to draw and soak in to my imaginary world of doodling which led me to the art world.

But I was ever shy to show off my work to anybody apart from work as technical illustrator, I hardly shown my private work.... until had children.

 nique person, he opened up unfamiliar world for me, to meet even more fantastic people, touch kindness and compassion even from strangers. Alex attempts to chat with everybody he approaches, he holds passer bys hands with no matter of their age, gender, race or religion. Some people called him as an Earth Angel.  Along these kids, older son is very supportive also enjoys independence which help us to cope with special needs child in the house.


With presence of these kids, I came cross with many spiritually inspired people which made me wonder to draw something spiritual.  Hence many of my drawings are spiritual theme but recently growing interest of drawing animal which behave lovable nature beyond their species.  I love paint with oil but with this Alex has no understanding of how to treat wet paint, it has to be on hold and now I use art material which easy to store away as soon as he comes back from school.


As I doodle animal drawing, I'm getting interested in to express the nature in 3D.

Then now I found Needle Felting to create soft sculpture.  I will upload needle felting work when I got enough work to show but most often I'd upload my latest work on Facebook page and Instagram.


Most of my work are subject to sale and taking commissioned work too.

Please feel free to contact me regarding my artwork at Contact page.




I supply number of illustration for this special app which designed to support small children to special needs kids to learn and enjoy reading in interactive way which includes to read very original stories to DIY story by readers.

Some of my art works were used in this TheSpiritGuides.co.uk website.

All Copyright Reserved 2015 @ Nanae Miller